compMatrix-class {Matrix}R Documentation

Class "compMatrix" of Composite (Factorizable) Matrices


Virtual class of composite matrices; i.e., matrices that can be factorized, typically as a product of simpler matrices.

Objects from the Class

A virtual Class: No objects may be created from it.



Object of class "list" - a list of factorizations of the matrix. Note that this is typically empty, i.e., list(), initially and is updated automagically whenever a matrix factorization is computed.

Dim, Dimnames:

inherited from the Matrix class, see there.


Class "Matrix", directly.



signature(x = "compMatrix", value = "list"): set the dimnames to a list of length 2, see dimnames<-. The factors slot is currently reset to empty, as the factorization dimnames would have to be adapted, too.

See Also

The matrix factorization classes "MatrixFactorization" and their generators, lu(), qr(), chol() and Cholesky(), BunchKaufman(), Schur().

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