triangularMatrix-class {Matrix}R Documentation

Virtual Class of Triangular Matrices in Package Matrix


The virtual class of triangular matrices,"triangularMatrix", the package Matrix contains square (nrow == ncol) numeric and logical, dense and sparse matrices, e.g., see the examples. A main use of the virtual class is in methods (and C functions) that can deal with all triangular matrices.



String (of class "character"). Must be either "U", for upper triangular, and "L", for lower triangular.


String (of class "character"). Must be either "U", for unit triangular (diagonal is all ones), or "N" for non-unit. The diagonal elements are not accessed internally when diag is "U". For denseMatrix classes, they need to be allocated though, i.e., the length of the x slot does not depend on diag.

Dim, Dimnames:

The dimension (a length-2 "integer") and corresponding names (or NULL), inherited from the Matrix, see there.


Class "Matrix", directly.


There's a C function triangularMatrix_validity() called by the internal validity checking functions.

Currently, Schur, isSymmetric and as() (i.e. coerce) have methods with triangularMatrix in their signature.

See Also

isTriangular() for testing any matrix for triangularity; classes symmetricMatrix, and, e.g., dtrMatrix for numeric dense matrices, or ltCMatrix for a logical sparse matrix subclass of "triangularMatrix".



## The names of direct subclasses:
scl <- getClass("triangularMatrix")@subclasses
directly <- sapply(lapply(scl, slot, "by"), length) == 0

(m <- matrix(c(5,1,0,3), 2))
as(m, "triangularMatrix")

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