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Graphical Units


xinch and yinch convert the specified number of inches given as their arguments into the correct units for plotting with graphics functions. Usually, this only makes sense when normal coordinates are used, i.e., no log scale (see the log argument to par).

xyinch does the same for a pair of numbers xy, simultaneously.


xinch(x = 1, warn.log = TRUE)
yinch(y = 1, warn.log = TRUE)
xyinch(xy = 1, warn.log = TRUE)


x, y

numeric vector


numeric of length 1 or 2.


logical; if TRUE, a warning is printed in case of active log scale.


all(c(xinch(), yinch()) == xyinch()) # TRUE
xyinch #- to see that is really   delta{"usr"} / "pin"

## plot labels offset 0.12 inches to the right
## of plotted symbols in a plot
with(mtcars, {
    plot(mpg, disp, pch = 19, main = "Motor Trend Cars")
    text(mpg + xinch(0.12), disp, row.names(mtcars),
         adj = 0, cex = .7, col = "blue")

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