p_load_current_gh {pacman}R Documentation

Force Install and Load One or More GitHub Packages


This function is a wrapper for install_github which is the same as install_github and require. It checks to see if a package is installed, if not it attempts to install the package from GitHub. Use this over p_load_gh if you want to force install the most recent GitHub version of a package.


p_load_current_gh(..., char, update = getOption("pac_update"),
  dependencies = TRUE)



Character vector containing repository address to load. If you are calling p_load_gh from within a function (or just having difficulties calling it using a character vector input) then pass your character vector of packages to load to this parameter directly.


logical. If TRUE will attempt to update all out of date packages. Default allows the user to set a "pac_update" in his/her .Rprofile.


logical. If TRUE necessary dependencies will be installed as well.


Repository address(es) in the format username/repo[/subdir][@ref|#pull]. Note that this must be a character string.

See Also

install_github library, require


## Not run: 
p_load_current_gh(c("Dasonk/Dmisc", "trinker/clustext", "trinker/termco"))

## End(Not run)

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