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Get or Set CPU Affinity Mask of the Current Process


mcaffinity retrieves or sets the CPU affinity mask of the current process, i.e., the set of CPUs the process is allowed to be run on. (CPU here means logical CPU which can be CPU, core or hyperthread unit.)


mcaffinity(affinity = NULL)



specification of the CPUs to lock this process to (numeric vector) or NULL if no change is requested


mcaffinity can be used to obtain (affinity = NULL) or set the CPU affinity mask of the current process. The affinity mask is a list of integer CPU identifiers (starting from 1) that this process is allowed to run on. Not all systems provide user access to the process CPU affinity, in cases where no support is present at all mcaffinity() will return NULL. Some systems may take into account only the number of CPUs present in the mask.

Typically, it is legal to specify larger set than the number of logical CPUs (but at most as many as the OS can handle) and the system will return back the actually present set.


NULL if CPU affinity is not supported by the system or an integer vector with the set of CPUs in the active affinity mask for this process (this may be different than affinity).


Simon Urbanek.

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