Smoothing Methods for Nonparametric Regression and Density Estimation

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Documentation for package ‘sm’ version 2.2-5.6

Help Pages

aircraft These data record six characteristics of aircraft designs which appeared during the twentieth century
airpc These data list the first two principal component scores from the aircraft data, which record six characteristics of aircraft designs throughout the twentieth century
binning Construct frequency table from raw data
birth Low birthweight in babies
bissell Flaws in cloth
bonions Yield-density relationship for Brown Imperial Spanish onions
britpts Coastline of the UK and Ireland
citrate The relationship between plasma citrate and carbohydrate metabolites
coalash Coal ash in mining samples
dogs Coronary sinus potassium in dogs
follicle Ovarian follicle counts
geys3d Duration and the time between eruptions for the Old Faithful Geyser
geyser Old Faithful Geyser Data Selection of the smoothing parameter
hcv Cross-validatory choice of smoothing parameter
hnorm Normal optimal choice of smoothing parameter in density estimation
hsj Sheather-Jones choice of smoothing parameter for density estimation
lcancer Spatial positions of cases of laryngeal cancer
mackerel The abundance of mackerel eggs
magrem Magnetic remanence
mildew Mildew control
mosses Heavy metals in mosses in Galicia.
muscle Rat skeletal muscles
nile Water level of the River Nile
nise Integrated squared error between a density estimate and a Normal density
nmise mean integrated squared error for density estimation with normal data
nnbr nearest neighbour distances from data in one or two dimensions
pause Pause before continuing execution
poles Positions of the south pole Making data available as data.frame
radioc Radiocarbon in Irish oak
sig.trace A significance trace for a hypothesis test
sm The sm package: summary information
sm.ancova Nonparametric analysis of covariance
sm.autoregression Nonparametric estimation of the autoregression function
sm.binomial Nonparametric logistic regression
sm.binomial.bootstrap Bootstrap goodness-of-fit test for a logistic regression model.
sm.density Nonparametric density estimation in one, two or three dimensions. Comparison of univariate density estimates
sm.discontinuity The detection of discontinuities in a regression curve or surface.
sm.monotonicity A test of monotonicity in a regression curve.
sm.options Set or return options of sm library
sm.pca Smooth principal components analysis
sm.poisson Nonparametric Poisson regression
sm.poisson.bootstrap Bootstrap goodness-of-fit test for a Poisson regression model
sm.regression Nonparametric regression with one or two covariates.
sm.regression.autocor Nonparametric regression with autocorrelated errors
sm.rm Nonparametric analysis of repeated measurements data
sm.script Running a script associated to the sm library
sm.sigma Estimation of the error standard deviation in nonparametric regression. Comparison across two groups of the error standard deviation in nonparametric regression with two covariates.
sm.sphere Nonparametric density estimation for spherical data.
sm.surface3d Adding a regression surface to an rgl plot.
sm.survival Nonparametric regression with survival data.
sm.ts.pdf Nonparametric density estimation of stationary time series data
sm.variogram Confidence intervals and tests based on smoothing an empirical variogram.
smacker Mackerel data from a Spanish survey
stanford Survival times from the Stanford Heart Transplant Study
tephra Tephra layer
trawl Trawl data from the Great Barrier Reef
trout Potassium cyanate and trout eggs
wonions Yield-density relationship for White Imperial Spanish onion plants
worm Human parasitic worm infections