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The relationship between plasma citrate and carbohydrate metabolites


These data were collected in an experiment to study the relationship between possible daily rhythms of plasma citrate and daily rhythms of carbohydrate metabolites during feeding with a citrate-poor diet. During the experiment, plasma citrate concentrations were determined for each of 10 subjects at 14 successive time points during the day. The measurements covered the period 8a.m. to 9p.m. at hourly intervals. Meals were given at 8a.m., noon and 5p.m.

The variables are denoted by C08, ..., C21 and refer to plasma citrate measurements at the indiated hours.

Anderson,A.H., Jensen,E.B. & Schou,G.(1981). Two-way analysis of variance with correlated errors. Int.Stat.Rev. 49,153-67.

The data were taken from a report by T.T.Nielsen, N.S.Sorensen and E.B.Jensen.

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