basehaz {survival}R Documentation

Alias for the survfit function


Compute the predicted survival curve for a Cox model.


basehaz(fit, centered=TRUE)



a coxph fit


if TRUE return data from a predicted survival curve at the mean values of the covariates fit$mean, if FALSE return a prediction for all covariates equal to zero.


This function is simply an alias for survfit, which does the actual work and has a richer set of options. The alias exists only because some users look for predicted survival estimates under this name.

The function returns a data frame containing the time, cumhaz and optionally the strata (if the fitted Cox model used a strata statement), which are copied the survfit result. If there are factor variables in the model, then the default predictions at the "mean" are meaningless since they do not correspond to any possible subject; correct results require use of the newdata argument of survfit. Results for all covariates =0 are normally only of use as a building block for further calculations.


a data frame with variable names of hazard, time and optionally strata. The first is actually the cumulative hazard.

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