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This is the main Rweb module page. The Rweb modules are a set of point and click interfaces to the statistical programming language R. There are several built in datasets which are briefly described below. Following the dataset descriptions are two drop down menus. One allows you to choose the type of analysis you want and, with the other menu, you can choose the data set you want to use. You may use any of the built in data sets, a Web accessable data set (you need to supply the URL), or you may enter your own data. The options for using your own data are at the bottom of the dataset menu and the text areas for entering a URL or data follow the drop down menus. Once you have chosen an analysis and dataset click the submit button to build the analysis page.

Data Set Descriptions

Motor Trend Car Data. Includes measurements on miles per gallon, engine displacement, number of cylinders, horsepower, weight ... and several other variables I'm not sure about. This data is good for regression and ANOVA
Crash dummy test data. Varibles include extent of head and chest injuries and potential explanatory varibles: type of protection, number of doors, year of manufacture, and type of vehicle. This data set is good for two-way ANOVA
Soil evaporation data measuring the evaporation rate, minimum and average air temperature, minimum and average humidity, and wind speed. Good for multiple regression.
How sleep, body size, and sexual activity effect life expectancy in fruitflys. This data can be used for regression and One-Way ANOVA. The fruitfly2 data set is better for Two-Way ANOVA.
How sleep, body size, and sexual activity effect life expectancy in fruitflys. A subset of the fruitfly data which only includes males that had partners. Use for one and two-way ANOVA
The counts of insects in agricultural experimental units treated with different insecticides. About the only use for this data is One-Way ANOVA
This data set has 272 observations and 2 variables; the waiting time between eruptions and the duration of the eruption for the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. It is interesting to look at a scatterplot of this data.
Information about elementary school children including; Gender, Grade, Age, Race, and various attributes that the children rank according to how they think the attribute effects a persons popularity. Attributes are: Grades, Sports, Looks, Money. A nice data set for two way tables.
This data set provides measurements of the girth, height and volume of timber in 31 felled black cherry trees. Note that girth is the diameter of the tree at 4 ft 6 in above the ground. This data set can be used for regression
Number of breaks in yarn while weaving with information about type of wool and tension on the yarn. Good for One and Two-Way ANOVA.

Choose Analysis and Data Set

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Type in Your Own Data: Enter user supplied data in the following text area. The first line must contain the variable names and then each observation should be entered as a single row. You may seperate entries with spaces or tabs. Use "NA" for missing values.

Site  Oxygen Nitrogen InsectCount
 A      3.2    0.12     High
 A      1.4    0.22     Low
 B       NA    0.55     Medium